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Harrisburg, PA


Success Stories

Before I came I had trouble sitting, standing, and walking without pain. Since I have been coming to physical therapy, I have been able to stand straighter and walk without pain, and sit better. I can also sleep better

When I first came to therapy, I couldn't walk that great. Also, I was in constant pain. I couldn't even lay my right leg down. But since coming to therapy, I really have seen a great improvement. If I ever have to again receive therapy, this is the place I would come. I would like to thank Dr. Mike and Michelle for their wonderful patient, care, and humor which helped me to succeed in my daily activities.

My experience at Madden PT has been a very healing, educational and positive one. I had a very hard time with daily activities from the time I awoke in the morning until I fell asleep right after dinner. I know I was always tired, but had no idea until my initial consultation how weak I had become. I am now able to do exercises that I had not been able to do since the spring of 2006. I now no longer suffer from the neck pain, the headaches, or the back pain. Therapy has really changed my life. I am so grateful for the staff and Doctor Mike.

Complete relief on the first visit!"

When I first began therapy, I could not walk for more than 8 minutes at a time before severe pain would grab me in my lower back and shoot down my left leg. My quality of living was greatly compromised.. After 6 weeks of therapy, and manipulations with Mike, my quality of life has greatly improved. I am over 90% pain free and know that by continuing the stretching program and exercise program prescribed by Mike I will be 100% pain free. I have been given a new lease on life on so many important levels. I feel blessed!

Shoulder 95% improved.

In my first visit, I was in excruciating pain which had basically received no treatment for 9 days since it had extremely worsened. I could not walk or even stand up straight in a natural way. I could not drive, lift anything, or change position with any ease. I could not sleep in a bed. Now I can walk comfortably, (I have done the mile twice). I sleep comfortably in a bed, drive with no discomfort, and have been able to return to work full time. This is an amazing change! Thank you!